Founded in 2017 in Marbella (South of Spain), SUENIA ZURICH is a distinctly and unique fashion jewelry and lifestyle brand. Since the first endeavours, SUENIA ZURICH has been providing handcrafted pieces worldwide, developing an international cult and consider pioneers in introducing Miyuki in the global fashion jewelry market.

SUENIA ZURICH’s world goes beyond jewelry and accessories. It is a wonderful world full of imagination, multitude of designs and countless colours and shapes that come magically together. SUENIA ZURICH sees the world in color. Each collection reflects SN’s love of colour through the immense colour palette of its pieces, materials and especial details, apperceived on every season on the new designs.

SUENIA ZURICH represents the identity, the will and resilience of its creators, two sisters who capture this concept not only in their designs but also in their desire to share worldwide what they like the most, fashion accessories.

We strongly believe that the beauty in every woman is in the “in-own” individual style and detail. With our creations, at SUENIA ZURICH we want every woman to create their own story, to reach your self-discovery, find your best and individual form of expression so that it becomes something you can cherish, share and feel proud of.

At SUENIA ZURICH we are committed and proud to designing and bringing quality jewelry using the best in craftsmanship and raw materials, handcrafted by women artisans worldwide always under safe and fair conditions. We are committed to creating fashion jewelry focused on delicate femininity and tangible quality while protecting the human rights of all individuals in our supply chain. We are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, through the admiration, respect and esteem to each single individual who make our jewelry possible and the impact we have in our world.

Thanks to the support of you all; family, circle of friends, agents, retailers, happy clients, we can see our dream has come true by the gained of high recognition as a unique fashion jewelry and lifestyle brand worldwide.



Together we are stronger, We come together to support each other, our team, our customers, and our community, because our success is a collective achievement.



As lifelong travellers, our deep love for traditional handmade crafts have formed the inspiration of many of the brand’s pieces, which are still crafted by women artisans worldwide. 


The SUENIA ZURICH collections captures a feeling of youthful energy with its boundless coloured materials. A tribute to spontaneity, the house designs are made for vivid statements and stylish moments. For women who seize their days, whatever it brings.

Daring, intuitive and refined, each collection features the finest craftsmanship and materials, and is an adaptation of the designers’s own personal style to the needs and wishes of the international women who swear by the house’s distinctive, comfy youthful style and free spirit. 

SUENIA ZURICH has won great acclaim and is renowned for its infinite colour palette, superb women craftsmanship, and stylistic audacity, a SUENIA ZURICH piece is instantly recognizable. With design at its heart, SUENIA ZURICH always upholds the beauty of a jewel above its intrinsic value; and the whole inspiration for a SUENIA ZURICH piece often begins with the remarkable nature of its refined material, from Miyuki delica crystal beads to natural stones, Zirconia, etc…  


In all things SUENIA ZURICH, craftsmanship is legend. Intricate and eye-catching, SUENIA ZURICH’s pieces are highly recognizable. Some of the today’s iconic designs of SUENIA ZURICH are only possible thanks to the ancient technique of the loom, where each one of the delica crystal beads are sewn one by one obtaining the masterful drawings of the brand’s free essence. 

We are honoured and proud of the exquisite craftsmanship, dedication and passion of each of the women artisans who make the jewelry in our house possible. Their technique, their know-how, their passion, their dedication and meticulous attention to detail have made SUENIA ZURICH one of the best loom makers in the world.


Delicate, seductive, brilliant, unlimited in color, size and shape, Miyuki crystal delica beads form the most recognized material of the brand’s pieces. Delicately selected colors, perfectly cut and set shapes according to the strictest standards of precision and craftsmanship, SUENIA ZURICH pieces are characterized by a timeless, daring, refined and brilliant aesthetic.

For the sibling designers, the brightness of these small crystals can make a dream grow, just as they have done with them since they created their first piece.